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“Woke up, ate, went to bed late
stared at my my alarm clock, but that only generate’s hate
was this coincidence or fate?
the real question is, am i really about to wait?
i don’t know, but i don’t feel great
i am getting used to the bait
my mind trails off thinking about, a date?
one that could bring out what is really me, a good trait?
hopeless, daydreaming, i keep running into a closed gate.
And i can only get hurt at this rate.
Is it me? is this feeling innate?
Stress, confusion, they can only accumulate.
my mind is so heavy its feeling like freight.
What is it that is trashing my weight?
starting to cook and not eating ‘til 8.
o! The questions that tears accelerate.
All because you uprise and communicate.
Straight to the future, alone, someone translate.
this state, or donate a state that i can implicate.
i may be alone and cannot relate.
But in the end i am alive and can still operate,
This life given to me, as i still contemplate and dehydrate
can be the source of a delecate..
slate of HIS debate on one great BIG “te’s life” plate.”

ME February 6, 2012 - 10:00 a.m. (via remembermoi)

Who knew…

So in church on sabbath the pastor makes a remark of God being like an iron…and us being the shirt that has more wrinkles then and 90 year old woman. God has too sometimes use pressure and Heat to straighten us out.. through the rain, lightening and thunder we can still be brought back to a normal. And it hit me, we are always asking why me, why me… sometime you just have more wrinkles than the rest but at the end the result is the same…

Life as i believe would make even a little more sense if we chose to stop stressing and figure out a solution.. In all of the years that man has been on earth, when has stressing and getting frustrated ever fixed something?

Today was comfy, then you came along and made it comfortable, it was fun, you made it funny, I saw rain, you showed me the rainbow, then I realized it could be any day, and you found me today!

Sept 29, 2011

*papers to do

*quizzes to take

*tests to retake

*find energy

*stay awake

…Why not


*Do what i love

*Listen to Naturally 7

*Eat Some Delicious food

*Play soccer

* Go to Sleep

…that’s more like it ‘_’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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